Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two big checks off the list

We did it! We snagged the house and bought a car! What a day. Markus and I are still reeling a bit from such snap decisions, but we think all will turn out well. The house is a "character house" with lots of details and charm. Stained glass, high ceilings, wood floors, wrap-around porch, etc. No bath tub still makes me a bit sad (love bathing the girls together!), but in summer, we can get around that with a kiddie pool. And it's summer here for a big part of the year!

We also bought the car that was under the time crunch, or at least we put down a deposit. We will do the actual buying this weekend, when our money arrives from Holland. We're getting a white Honda CR-V. It was between that and the Subaru Forester, and it was a tough call. Ultimately, it came down to "chick car" or "man car", and I'm going to be doing most of the driving. Plus, this is a three chick family. Chick car it is! The rooster (so to speak) will be getting a Vespa, so he's happy too.

Unfortunately, we are picture-free for the moment. Attaching the camera to the laptop caused trauma again, so we're not going there. My desktop computer is in the air freight, which will be delivered by this weekend. We are actually going to move into the house this weekend too! The relocation agent is arranging rental furniture until our sea freight arrives, so we're going to go ahead and settle in although we won't have our things until late September. I'm not sure how long it will take us to set up internet there, but I will try to post from a cafe while we don't have it at home.



Quinn said...

I am currently driving a subaru forester, so I am very happy to see that it was labeled a "man car" :-) My dad has been teasing me for years because apparently it is popular with the lesbian crowd as well.

Karly said...

Yay on the house and the car!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the house when you're able to sounds beautiful!! Happy moving this weekend. Hope that you guys are good and settled in soon!

(Sorry Mimi if I'm channeling again...but you know, great minds think alike!!) ;)

azure said...

Who knew that a subaru was a lesbian car? The things you learn from reading a blog...

I can't believe that you made decisions so quickly. It takes me longer to decide what I'm having for dinner! Well I'm glad to hear that things are going well.... Looking forward to pictures.

the dipe squad said...

Quinn, I'm still laughing about your comment. Like Azure, I was unaware of the unique popularity enjoyed by the Forester. ;) It's a very practical car and it was a tough call. Ultimately, we realized that we wouldn't want to muck about in a new car, even if it was good for mucking about. For that, we're going to find an old beater truck and maybe personalize our license plates. 3 CHICKS on the Honda, and BUBBA on the truck. What do you think? :)