Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Pre-Move Scramble

Starting last night and carrying on through today, Markus and Jennifer are doing the crazy dance called "The Pre-Move Scramble." It involves last minute organizing that should have been done all along; emptying the kitchen cabinets; transporting food/cleaning items to friends' houses; washing every piece of laundry; separating clothes/shoes/toys into pack for now, air freight, and won't-see-this-again-for-nearly-3-months...all while trying to manage two little kiddos who have no way of understanding what is going on. Ellie has flown enough that she is ready to board the plane NOW. This much upheaval surely means we're about to depart, and she is consistently disappointed that we aren't leaving for Schiphol within minutes. Stephanie, contrary to her usual mellow nature, is very fussy and insists on being held EVERY MINUTE (making our dance much slower and more challenging). She knows something strange is happening and doesn't know what, so she wants reassurance. Poor girl. The good news is the dance is almost over. Our day today is so busy because we want to finish all our work before bedtime tonight. We changed our plans slightly and will move into a hotel tomorrow morning, so we will be completely out of the way when the movers arrive tomorrow. I will have my cell phone if you try to reach us by phone, and I will have my laptop for email/blog access (however often that might be accomplished). Wish us luck!


Quinn said...
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Quinn said...

Hey Jennifer!
Good luck with your move. Sounds very exciting. Sometimes I miss moving every couple of years, but most of the time I do not. Thanks as always for the great blog entries.

your friend,