Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Efteling, the second

Oma boarded the train and headed home to Ahrweiler today. We had such a good visit! We are happy she was able to come. Markus was able to take time off while she was in town, so we had lots of good family time. And...dream of dreams...we went back to Efteling (AKA Carousel Heaven) on Monday. Ellie hadn't stopped asking about it since we left the first time (literally asking every day to go ride the carousels), so she was THRILLED!

Mama felt very special to be chosen to ride with Ellie despite the fact that the #1 Papa was with us. I was first choice! She wanted me! To ride again and again and again...oh dear. Seven times: five on the "horse carousel", twice on the swings... It was the swings that did it. Green green green. Give me the horse carousel any day. Of course, it was all worth it to see Ellie so happy and excited. Oma was happy too, because she got lots of baby Stephanie time. She loves snuggling that bundle!

Who wouldn't? Look at this girl! Look at those blue eyes!

And of course, there was this day brightener:

Other than Efteling, we mostly stuck close to home. Parks, playgrounds, walks around town. Taking it easy. Markus got a lot of good time with his mom, and his mom enjoyed every minute with the grandkids. I was given Saturday off, so I got a haircut AND went to the movies! Woo-hoo! I am a movie fiend, but I have rarely been since Ellie was born. The only movies I have taken the time and money to see in the theater in the past three years have been the most recent Harry Potters and Pixar movies (I'm sure this says something big about my personality, but I won't analyze). On Saturday it was "Wall-E". Wall-E is so sweet and cute! I just know he wants to come live with us and clean my house.
Someone needs to.

Now, we are gearing up for the move (to PERTH, Lee!). Less than one week away from the packing. Yikes. We sat down today and made three lists of to-dos and to-packs, so now we need to get cracking! Though the movers come next Monday (11th), we won't fly out until the following Sunday (17th). Then we will spend four nights in Singapore exploring a wee bit and adjusting slowly to the time change before continuing on to Perth on Friday the 22nd. There, we will be in temporary accommodation set up by the company. I don't know if we will have internet access there or not, but we should in Singapore so look for updates even after we depart The Netherlands. There is a lot we will miss about this place; there is a lot we won't. In any case, we are looking forward to the next location and getting settled at some point. Visitors welcome!


gail said...

Once again: opposite side of the globe yet same experiences: I love, love, loved Wall-E! I am already looking forward to watching it again and again on DVD :-)

Karly said...

Wall-E was really cute...I'm so glad you got a day to go see it and get a haircut! Singapore will be cool, and of course, so will Perth...can't wait to see pics!