Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birthday shout-out

I am a big fan of birthdays. HUGE. I love birthdays, and I believe they should be recognized!
That being said, I just missed a bunch of them (three in two days!) and am bound to miss a few more before the dust from this move settles. Happy happy belated birthday, gail, Azure, and Karly! And happy birthday early, Quinn! When I find my calendar, I may unearth more belateds, so happy birthday to you too! Our shipment should find us by the end of September, so maybe I'll have it together by then.


Karly said...

You are too sweet! Thanks :)

azure said...

Yea! I love a good birthday shoutout. Thanks jennifer! Happy birthday Quinn! Hope you have an awesome day! Happy belated birthdays to gail and karly! Hope your days were fantastic! And yes I do happen to love a very unnecessary exclamation point!!! :-)

Quinn said...

Thanks jennifer! I am glad your move went so well. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures, I am having a little trouble visualizing what Perth, Australia looks like.

the dipe squad said...

If you're trying to visualize Perth, think 1950s America, make it California if you want the weather. Take a look at google earth if you want some pictures. Perth is near the beach (Indian Ocean) and the Swan River, so everyone lives outdoors. Just about every outdoor sport you can imagine is popular here, though water sports reign. We may try to learn surfing and rowing here. Markus already knows wind surfing, but I may have to give it a go. This is the place! And none of that icky rain you have in Portland!