Thursday, August 14, 2008

Because we're crazy like that

Today, we finished our business with the house. The packers completed hauling our stuff away yesterday afternoon. The "professional" cleaners "cleaned" the house this morning. The real estate agent "checked over" the house this afternoon. We are done (technically). What's with all the quotes? As part of our rental agreement, we had to hire professional cleaners to clean the house after we moved out. This cleaning cost an outrageous sum. Think of what the word "wedding" can do to a catering pricetag, and you will have an idea of what the word "[Markus's company] paid move" does to a cleaning bill. For five guys for six hours to "clean" the house about as well as I do in three hours while chasing two small children. Disgusting.
Then the estate agent gave up one of her numerous coffee breaks to check us out and receive the keys. She barely glanced around and signed off "okay." This should be fine, but we know from direct experience that the homeowner is not nearly so content to merely glance around. We expect to hear more about this, although papers have been signed and keys are out of our hands.
It's been an ordeal.
And we're still here, waiting on flights Sunday night. Why do that?
Because we have had enough, because we are crazy, because we NEVER throw caution to the wind, we are throwing caution to the wind and hopping on a train this afternoon. We're getting out of Dodge before we really get out of Dodge Sunday night. Expect to read more about this mystery departure sometime soon. For now, I have a bag to pack.

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Karly said...

So glad that you're technically done with the's hoping that it won't be too much more worry for you. And, I'm so glad to see that you're taking a mystery get away trip before you leave! Can't wait to hear about it and all about the pending move!!