Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back in time to go

We're back! We took a big train ride this morning to make it back to our hotel in time for naps. We'll be taking a big plane ride this evening to wave "bye-bye" to the city we've called home for the past 22 months. But before we go, we should talk about where we've been. I'll give you a few hints:

Any guesses? Those are the most location-specific shots we have from the most un-touristy big city trip we've ever done. On Thursday night following a minor debacle with Dutch trains, we hopped on the Thalys in Rotterdam and headed to PARIS for the weekend! With no real plan and no agenda, we had the best time! Having been to Paris before, we didn't feel obligated to try to see or do anything, so we just went with the flow. The flow involved staying at a great hotel in St. Germain and walking a few blocks to the Jardin du Luxembourg each morning so Ellie could play to her heart's content in their elaborate (paid-entry) playground.

Long naps each afternoon. Riding the carousels in the Jardin des Tuilleries.

Enjoying a delicious meal with the kids in tow.

Okay, so we cheated a little there. But the meal (at La Petite Chaise on Rue de Grenelle) was fantastic. We even wedged in a couple of museums. While Ellie napped, Jennifer and Stephanie made a quick fly-through Jennifer's favorite, the Musee d'Orsay, to see the Impressionists.

We all went to the gardens at the Musee Rodin, in which there is a lovely cafe with yummy chocolate cake (ask Ellie about this).

Ellie also discovered the joy of crepes with Nutella on this trip. Man, oh man.
Going with the flow was just what the doctor ordered (and worked particularly well since Paris is practically empty in August, with all locals on holiday and most shops/restaurants closed). We feel very happy and relaxed, feeling like we had a great last hurrah in Europe before we head out of Europe. This morning, we got up, packed, ate a quick breakfast, and hopped back on the Thalys for The Hague. Thanks to awesome summer rates, we had a whole area of First Class to ourselves.

Just practicing for our Business Class flight to Singapore tonight.


Karly said...

Ohh, I knew it was Paris, I just knew it!!! My favorite city, and it looks like you had a fabulous time :) Now that Ellie has discovered crepes with Nutella, there's no turning back...the girl has taste! I'm so glad you had a great, relaxing trip before heading out of Europe and off to your new home! Have a super safe flight, time in Singapore, and easy settling in in Perth. Can't wait to hear/see all about it!

azure said...

How funny is that. My brother and his wife are in Paris right now! The girls are still in Chi-town with the grandparents and I have the house all to myself! Yea! I hope you have safe travels over the next few days(weeks?).

Take care, Azure

the dipe squad said...

We were thinking of you, Karly! We know how much you love Paris!

Azure, that is too funny about your family! What are the odds? Enjoy having the home all for yourself!