Friday, August 29, 2008

Moving in

The rental furniture and air freight were delivered today, so tonight is our last night in temporary accommodation! Who would have guessed we would be in our new home in ONE WEEK? Amazing. And what a home! When we went this afternoon to let in the delivery people, we got our first real look at the place. Remember, it was the first house we saw here, so we were looking at it with open minds but no real intent to settle on it at the time. We are happy we did! It has got to be the biggest house we've ever lived in, and it is lovely! The yard is great for us and for the kids. There is so much guest room it's possible our guests won't leave (of course, they have to suck up the flight to get here first). The only catch to our speedy choices is internet will not catch up to us for another week or two. That means unless I find an internet cafe, you will just have to check back from time to time until we can return to the blog. Everything else is sorted, so I guess we can't be too upset about this one area. And once we're back on the desktop, we'll have pictures to share again too!


Lee said...

That is amazing turn around time! Hope the rest of the move in goes as smoothly.

Meghan said...

FANTASTIC!! I wish I could be there to help you unpack. I love starting a place from scratch and reoganizing. If only there were a profession in unpacking - I'd be great at it! I can't wait to visit you in Perth :-)

We got our invitations out on saturday - phew! Keep an eye open for yours because I sent it your way. This will be our test case for international mail from DC to Perth!

I can't believe it's only 46 DAYS UNTIL MY WEDDING!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!! I really wish you could be here - I miss you already!

No worries, just a bit of pre-wedding freak out. LOVE Meghan

the dipe squad said...

Lee, what a pleasure to see you here again! You've been missed!

Meghan, I cannot tell you how sad I am that I am too far away to be there on your special day. My heart aches about it daily. I wish you could be here to help me unpack too. You and Eric would love it, and we have LOTS of room! At the end of next month, come on over and STAY.