Thursday, August 28, 2008

Check check check!

Another 24 hours and more big items checked off the list!

Tonight, we went browsing and ended up buying on the spot our new Vespa scooter. Actually, it's a new-to-us, used Vespa that's "blinged out" (its bling has bling). Previous owner wanted ALL the goodies, drove it for a few months and then decided he needed a more powerful engine too, so he traded this one in and we got a great deal. Can't wait to share photos. When we have photos, that is.

We will sign lease papers on the house tomorrow morning, and our rental furniture will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Our air freight will be delivered midday.

We arranged for all utilities to be connected, starting today. The only exception is internet, which will be another 5-10 business days. Alas.

And the biggest, most unexpected check: we found the children's emergency hospital last night. Before you worry, EVERYONE IS FINE. Climb down off your desk, Mom. THE GIRLS ARE OKAY! Remember I wrote about Ellie's cold, saying one day was the worst day and we hoped it would mostly go away by the next (yesterday)? Well, it mostly did. She was happy again and far less cold-y...except for the congestion. The congestion was troublesome, but then again, it always is. By late afternoon, though, I noticed she was breathing very rapidly. Too rapidly for my comfort, so I placed my hand on her heart to find it was racing too. She was happy, her color was good, appetite was normal, etc. so we thought we'd be sure to find a doctor today and take her in. Well, after bedtime, I went in to check on her and, although she still seemed happy/healthy, she was breathing so fast and shallow that she kept stopping to catch her breath without even getting out a whole sentence and she'd developed a fever too. I was afraid to let her fall asleep like that, so off to the emergency room we went. Our relocation agent guided us to Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. Ellie was a superstar! No tears, no drama (told you she was in a good mood!). She let the nurses listen to her chest and watch her belly, and she didn't complain one bit when she had to use the puffer (for the first time ever) three times in an hour. After the treatment, we were cleared to go home with a puffer on the condition that we wake up every 2 hours to check her breathing and decide if she needed more treatment. We did the checks, and she was fine, sound asleep and breathing normally every time. No further need for the puffer last night or today. All is well again. The doctor suspected it was an asthmatic response to the virus she caught. She could have been exposed to just about anything, considering we've been in four countries, three climates, and two huge international flights in the past two weeks. So now we know where to go for children's health emergencies too. Check!
Also, this prompted us to understand the medical system here, so today I took care of finding us a GP, learning about children's immunizations, after-hours clinics, etc. Now we are covered.

It's amazing how accomplished we've been in this first week! This weekend, we will settle into our new home and do some more exploring. First impressions of Perth are highly favorable! When we were shopping tonight, there were local birds scattered over the trees and building roofs, chatting away; they were cockatoos! So fun!


Karly said...

Sounds like things are moving right along! Thank you for the bold letters and assurances that all was well with the girls so quickly...that helped prevent a heart attack in Mississippi! (I'm sure it helped prevent more than one). Glad that you were able to find such great care for Ellie and that she is well, and she did so great (especially with no drama...Sam is ALL about the drama these days)

Thanks for keeping up the updates even though you guys are in the middle of a huge move, settling in, etc...I really appreciate it! Can't wait until the internet situation is all resolved and you can post some pictures.

Sending lots of love your way...

Anonymous said...

Wow, so much going on, and with wee ones and sickness and jet lag to boot. You guys rock, you are superstars! So glad Ellie is better and you received good and prompt care. It also sounds like Perth is going to be perfect for you, beautiful and fun. All the big items are already checked off your list, just one small thing remains. So, put on your ruby slippers, click your heels together three times, and repeat after me, "There's no place like (Mimi's) home, there's no place like (Mimi's) home, there's no place like (Mimi's) home...

azure said...

Oh Mimi... my vote is that you find a cool traveling nursing job and find your way to Perth... So you can spend time with your precious grand cargo.

Jennifer, how is it that you get major tasks accomplished in a week (less than) with two kids, and I'm still making ONE major life decision almost for two years now. Obviously I need to reevaluate my strategy... I get just get my passport in the mail... Hmm.... (going off to look some international adventures....)

Well I'm glad that you're getting so much accomplished.... I hope things continue to go well.

the dipe squad said...

Thanks for the support, ladies! We can't believe how easily this has all gone (should we be waiting for the other shoe?)! We're getting great help from our relocation agent, and everywhere we turn, setting up services has been red-tape-free. We are amazed...and very happy too, of course!
And we didn't even mention the guest space in our new house. Mimi, it's in a separate area (built as an extension to house), so you will have all the privacy you could possibly have with a nosy soon-to-be-3-year-old running around! What are you waiting for? Karly? Azure? Passports, ladies! Get moving!