Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A question for you

Perhaps it's only natural evolution in this age of internet that I become more and more engaged with mama blogs and creativity blogs as my own wee ones grow. Being a mom is my full-time job (one I am blessed to have), so it absorbs most of my time and thoughts and certainly all of my energy. As an expat (person living outside one's own country), I often feel quite disconnected from friends and family back home. I get discouraged with all the competitive mothering out there, and I am so pleased to find other moms (however personally unknown to me) who share activities and offer ideas for what works in their families. So my question to you is: Do you think I should start a separate mama blog? I use our current blog primarily to report on our family's doings, but I don't cover much specifically on the creative mama/engaged parent job. Because I have benefited from ideas of others, there are many things I/we do that I'd like to share. I am not a competitive mom, so there will be no "look what I'm doing better than you!" or "here's where your family is lacking" that you may have seen elsewhere. Just some things we do and links we like (goodness, that's a long list!). What do you say? There's a poll on the sidebar. Please cast your vote there, but of course please feel free to comment here if you have some extra feedback! I look forward to hearing from you!


Karly said...

Well, there you've got 100% feedback on your poll that yes, you should do a mama blog! ;)

Ok, ok, I am the first one to vote...but, if you have time (and I truly mean only if you have the time...I know how busy you are), I personally would love it! I am always on the lookout for things that other mamas do that are helpful, fun, etc...

(Complete sidebar note: I know you frequent The Pioneer Woman...did you see her latest post on her home and garden section? She's showing off the coolest Shakespeare for Kids books that she uses...)

Whatever you decide, I am a dedicated blog reader and a true blitzpampers fan! Sending lots of love from one mama to another :)

gail said...

My answer was not an option in the poll (as is often the case with me .. I am so contrarian that way)so I can't vote :-( But I can comment :-)

I vote that you include the mama blogging in this blog. Would that be inappropriate? I think it would serve to ...

1. Simplify your life by not adding yet another blog to your plate
2. Simplify your readers' lives by not giving them another blog to keep track of
3. Expose people to your creative ideas who may not necessarily find them if it was kept on separate "mama blog."

And there's my two cents.

PS. The idea of competitive mothering makes me giggle. Could we make that an Olympic sport?

the dipe squad said...

Good comments, ladies! Thank you for the feedback. Based on gail's, I amended the poll (so you'll need to vote again, Karly). Looking forward to the verdict!

Karly said...

Ok, new vote is cast!