Sunday, August 02, 2009

Little talker

Sharing another "Ellie says" reminds me that I really ought to share baby Stephanie's talking too. She has always been a very effective communicator, and her talking is ramping up big-style. While Ellie never used baby talk (she waited until she knew the word perfectly before saying it), baby Stephanie has no such reservations...and she LOVES to talk! Some examples:

"What's THAT?!!" -- no translation necessary, often said with great urgency. This was 4th in line after "no", "go", and "mama".

"Wanna show." -- I want to see. "Schau" {rhymes with cow} is German for "look", and we often say it to draw her attention to something.
also "Wanna go SEE." again with the urgency.
also "Wanna go see Will", the friend across the road. Used to be "Wanna go see Jack-dog (or Dog-Jack)", Will's golden retriever.

"Dog-dog." -- evolution from Jack-dog. applies to all dogs great and small.
"Woof-woof!" -- enthusiastic response to "What does the doggie say?"

"Ooooooooo!" (also "woooo") -- She has spotted a cow (live or image). Cows say "moo". German for cow is "kuh" {pronounced "coo"}. She meets it half-way with "ooo".

"Yie-yie-yie!" with clapping -- She's singing "Old MacDonald" to herself.

"Wanna go singing." --she wants to play on the swings at the playground.

"Tea!" -- She's thirsty. We're not sure if this comes from all the tea we drink or just the last sound in the word.

"Num-num!" -- She has a craving. Often said as we drive past a cafe where she has eaten a treat.

Single words:
no (can mean "yes"; emphatic "no" is "nien nien nien!", always 3 times)
'kay! ("ok", usually meaning enthusiastic "yes")
baby Stephanie (she says this as one word)
Baba or Papa (usually Baba)
Mimi (thank you, iChat!)

This isn't a comprehensive list, but it covers the most frequent sayings. How we love that golden girl!

We can no longer capture movies of baby Stephanie since she now understands she can watch on the camera screen. I tried making a movie of her cleaning the floor, but instead I caught this lovely demonstration of her phrase of choice, and the newest word addition (yes).


Karly said...

How cute!! Thanks for sharing Stephanie's words too :)

the dipe squad said...

Yesterday, she added a solid "yes" to the repertoire. She was pulling on my leg and reaching desperately for something on the counter as I poured myself a glass of iced tea. I asked her if she wanted some tea, and she plopped down on her bottom, reached with both hands for the glass while nodding her head sagely and saying simply, "Yes!"