Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Last night, Markus and I quit while we were ahead and went to bed at 9:15. I woke up first, wide awake in a very dark room. The clock is on Markus's side, but it was blocked by a book, so I had no idea what time it was. I was afraid I was in a repeat of the night before, when I was wide awake from 3am - 5:30am (prompting my sleep-deprived post yesterday)...but then Markus woke up and got up! It was 6:30! We all slept through! Ellie woke up around 15 minutes later and baby Stephanie is still asleep, giving the big people in the house a nice easy start to the day. Hip-hip-hooray! How good quality sleep feels! What a difference a day makes!

And how fabulous to have gotten a good night's sleep, because what a day it has been! Lemme tell ya, when the crazy comes to town, it brings all its relatives!

p.s. Scroll down and revisit the "Little Talker" post. I added a video captured this morning as Stephanie was helping me clean the floor.

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Karly said...

Glad you got a good night's sleep :)