Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another knitted project done!

Weeks ago, I noticed the girls who work at our local fruit and veg spot were freezing in the mornings, and they kept pulling their sleeves down over their hands. I got the brilliant and generous (if I do say so myself) idea to knit them up matching handwarmers that would help fight off the chill while keeping their fingers as free as they needed. Of course, that was weeks ago. I lost enthusiasm part way through, but I finally finished knitting three pair of fairly simple handwarmers this weekend. While it's still cool (and gloriously so!), it is no longer cold enough to require handwarmers. Guess I'll be saving them as a gift for next year. You get to see them now.

I had a hard time capturing the color accurately in the morning light, but there they are! I used some yarn I bought when I first learned to knit. I had a men's scarf in mind, but I am not wanting to knit scarves at the moment. This use seemed fitting. The pattern was found on ravelry, but can also be found on the designer's blog here. After seeing the pair I knit for myself first, Markus suggested that the wrist cover-up should be longer, so I adapted the pattern to start with 20 rows of stockinette instead of the pattern's 8.


Anonymous said...

Too impressive Jennifer! You see, while it approaches handwarmer season here, I have just ordered a pair from a store I love back in the UK .... making them would be beyond me on oh-so many levels!!
Gayle x

the dipe squad said...

I'll knit you more! Since it's only the start of the season there, you might actually get them before it warms up again. ;)

schlelly said...

You are too amazing! I'm certain the shop ladies will appreciate them whenever they get them. Pretty soon you'll have to acknowledge your granola nature - remember denial is not just a river in Egypt! Admiration of nature, love of creativity, and generosity are nothing to be ashamed of! :-) If you purchase a flowery, long, tiered skirt and birkenstocks then just let me know - I'll pull you back to the dark side!