Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Acknowledging the elephant

I try not to complain here, because 1) who wants to read that and 2) this is a record of our family, so why record stuff we'd rather not give more attention. But now we're at the point when I can no longer ignore the elephant in the room, because it is sitting on my head or at least trying very hard to keep balance in my lap. We are horribly sleep-deprived, Markus most of all. Two weeks ago, he had to go to India for four days (two days of flying for two days in the office). He came back midday Saturday, and we had great fun for the rest of the weekend despite his jetlag...but he was back at work on Monday for important meetings. Last week was a very busy week for him, so he didn't get any chance to rest and recoup, and then last Thursday, Ellie got a cold. You probably know by now that when Ellie gets a cold, it is the end of the world (and certainly sleep) as we know it. It was just a little cold, mind you. No fever, nothing extreme. Just a cough and a nose and some extra tiredness...but she cannot/will not nap. Every night since last Thursday, she has woken up many times a night wailing (usually because her nose is stuffy and makes her mad), and unfortunately the wailing continues off and on throughout the days (as an example, right now she's looking out the front curtains wailing "No Mama! Papa come get me! Get me! I need a tissue!" over and over since he's already gone to work and I have committed the sin of asking her to get dressed; the full tissue box is next to her feet). It's wearing us out in a serious way, again Markus most of all because although she wakes us both, she wants Papa to soothe her back to sleep. So often I have lamented baby Stephanie sleeping in the back part of the house instead of the front with the rest of us, but during stretches like these, I'm so thankful. She is the only one who is well-rested.


Aussie Mum said...

I feel for you both - we have the same thing happening in our house at the moment except everyone has the cold/flu (whatever it is) except me (touch wood). Junior is coping tolerably and apart from a sniffy nose and a little cough he is the same as usual. However Bub and Daddy are both suffering and letting everyone else know about it. Hope both your house and ours is germ free soon and we can meet up for a playdate.

Karly said...

So sorry that you are sleep deprived. I, too, know the pain of having a little one with a cold (he also gets mad when his nose is stuffy and doesn't sleep at night). I hope that Ellie is better soon and so that you can all be well rested again!

the dipe squad said...

Oh Aussie Mum! I'm so sorry! We were wondering why we hadn't seen any of you around lately. I hope your boys are all much better soon (and that you continue to avoid it!).

Thanks, Karly! I tell ya, the pain and suffering caused by a few stray boogies. Who knew?