Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slow food

We have a little lemon tree in our backyard. For many months, we've been watching as its small white flowers slowly turned into this:

Did you know that it takes lemons almost a full year to grow? Lemons are so cheap and numerous at every market I've ever visited that I admit I've never given them much thought...until now. Almost a full year of work. That's worth pausing to appreciate.


schlelly said...

Teachers I worked with in Japan never left a single grain of rice on their plate. I was constantly trying to manage my weight so I always left a bit behind for portion control. A teacher finally informed me that it was disrespectful not to eat all the rice. Meanwhile, I was thinking it was disrespectful to shame me into getting fat. Then she went on to explain that every single grain of rice takes an entire year to develop and each grain you left behind equaled a wasted year of work. I had never thought of it that way before and I can't deny it gave me reason to pause and think. It's amazing how many years I wasted for the sake of portion control!

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous pictures, such gorgeous fruit! God and Mother Nature! Amazing!