Sunday, August 09, 2009

Warm Sunday afternoon

This afternoon, the temperature was a balmy 26 degrees (close to 80F), so we enjoyed some fun in the backyard in our bare feet! Markus started sweeping the copius amount of leaves from the patio, and I took a rake to all the jacaranda twigs in the grass. By the time we were done, the backyard looked awesome, so we couldn't resist the temptation to stay and play.

First, the girls bounced a bit on the trampoline with Papa. Then, noting the warmth in the sun, Papa brought out the baby bathtub for some waterplay. The only use this baby tub has ever seen has been as a makeshift splash-pool for baby Stephanie, so it's only logical that she assumed that would be its use today. Not bad for late winter!

After wrangling Stephanie into some dry clothes, we settled down for family art time. Ellie carefully and meticulously covered every inch of her paper in color for a lovely rainbow camouflage. Baby Stephanie wielded her paintbrush like a baby obsessed, scraping into the paint with her fingernails and rubbing her fingers across the paper to get the desired effect. Ellie studies the masters. Baby Stephanie is channeling Jackson Pollock.

Not long thereafter, the cloud cover returned and the temperature began to drop. It seemed to take only minutes for it to drop to 19 degrees (68F or so). Socks and shoes were donned. Later inside, the heater was needed during dinnertime. We enjoyed the warm spell while it lasted!

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Christine said...

Ooh that sound - and looks- lovely :)
I wish it was cool enough here to play outside!