Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Images from the morning walk

Baby Stephanie and I have done the morning walk twice this week, and it is a wonderful way to start the day. Although I've been up for a couple of hours by then, the walk allows me to wake up and clear my head, just as beneficial if not more so than the exercise. The view is fantastic, and it would be hard to beat the location. Given all the places in the world we have been and might still go, I need to take advantage this place while I can.

I've found Stephanie's maximum patience with the stroller to be around 30 minutes, which magically gets us from the carpark at Ellie's school to a wonderful cafe in Cottesloe that a friend led us to last week. I get a good 30 minute walk in either direction, and we both get a snack (or second breakfast) during the intermission. Technically, the 30 minutes will also get us to a big playground, but most mornings are so manic trying to get them out the door that I'm eager for that "second breakfast" since I often miss my first. And baby Stephanie really likes the strawberry jam at the cafe...

Most mornings this winter, I have noticed surfers all along the beach. They seem to congregate in some areas, and the best I can figure out is those areas are over reefs so there's a bit of surf. A very wee bit. I'm no surfer, but really, these waves are nothing to write home about. It often makes me giggle to watch them floating out there on their boards, eagerly scanning the horizon for what I can only assume is in hope of a tsunami or at least a storm at sea that will churn up some actual action. On Tuesday, the weather was fantastic and there seemed to be more surfers than usual. Several passed us on their run down (let's not miss the big wave!), and now we understand what it's all about: they are retirees. By and large, the surfers we see out in the mornings are in the 50+ category (though I swear I saw a Japanese man who must be at least 70). These waves must be just the right size to keep their wives and doctors placated and still give a bit of a thrill from time to time. As for the lengthy periods of floating along aimlessly, well, why not? Sounds like a good retirement plan to me!

This last shot was taken at a stoplight on the ride home. She was chatting happily to herself, and I looked back to see this:

Cutie loves hats!

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Karly said...

Love the pics of Stephanie!! Such a sweetheart :)