Monday, August 24, 2009

Bucket list item

Do you have a bucket list? It's a list of things you'd like to do before you kick the bucket. I don't really have a formalized list (maybe I should make one?), but if I did, something that would be on it would be attending an opera at the Sydney Opera House. My super-fantastic, wonderful, spoils-me-rotten husband knows this and thus insisted I go while he did kiddie patrol back at the apartment. On the day we booked our flights, he bought me a fantastic seat to attend last Tuesday night's performance of Beethoven's "Fidelio".

I had never been to an opera before, and honestly I don't think I'll become an opera person. Opera does not seem to be my thing...but attending one in the Sydney Opera House, that was really something! I have always been so impressed with that iconic building, and now I know what it looks like inside too! Surprisingly, the opera theater is quite ugly inside. It is exposed cement and plastic-y looking seats. The ceiling is painted black, and it seems to go up and up and up, giving the feeling that one is in the belly of a whale. The stage was set back in a way that left the orchestra uncovered, so the sound traveled up and out into the theater beautifully.

On the day, I started feeling nervous. I had a date with a famous theater! I was afraid I'd be underdressed or inadequately prepared somehow, but I shouldn't have been. Sydney is a casual place. Despite the $200+ pricetag for the best seats, I didn't even see a man in a suit and tie. Many older men wore sport coats and nice trousers, but that's it. Some older ladies wore dressy clothes, but nothing that would pass as appropriate opera wear in Europe. In keeping with Aussie traditional gear, I saw several people wearing flip-flops with their smart clothes. I was really surprised, but also relieved. I fit in just fine.

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schlelly said...

I remember I went to my first Opera when I lived in Italy. It was a class trip to see Madame Butterfly. I was dressed to the hilt in my fake fur coat and everything. The theatre was so warm I eventually folded my program into a fan and kept cool. My teacher was an interesting character and kept commenting on how well I dressed for the opera and said he nearly died when I pulled out my fan. I was too shy to admit I'd not really brought my own fan...

I'm glad you enjoyed your experience!!