Friday, August 21, 2009

Back in WA

We're back! We are freshly returned from a week in...


I wasn't totally honest with you in the last post; by that I mean I was honest, but I didn't give any real details. We were away, yes. I knew I wouldn't be posting while on vacation, and I wanted to give you notice. At the same time, something made me reluctant to tell the internet that we'd be out of our house for a week, so I kept it vague. Now, you'll get the details!

Last Monday, Markus spontaneously booked us for a week in Sydney! We had been saving all our holiday time this whole year (yes, it's been a whole year in WA now!) for our trip to the States. For various reasons that are a separate blog entry, we finally came to the conclusion that a family trip to the States is not in the cards right now. Don't you know it wasn't 24 hours after we realized that that we were booked to go to Sydney. Time to use up some vacation time and get out of isolated WA for a while!

Of course, the other part I didn't detail was the sick kids and tired parents. Don't you know that we hadn't been away for a WHOLE YEAR, and as soon as we book our trip, baby Stephanie gets her first real cold with (blessedly mild) ear infection. Then, Ellie developed a minor infection in her mouth as a side effect to a cold she was getting over. Then, Stephanie cut more molars. And we suspect she had a bizarre, adverse reaction to the antibiotic for her ears, because she became wildly manic and unrestful late at night (after the evening dose was administered). We haven't slept in two days. We have been on holiday, yes. Sydney was awesome, yes. And are we ready for a vacation now? YES.


Karly said...

So glad you got a chance to go on vacation to Sydney...awesome!! I cannot believe it's been an entire year already there...time flies. And, sorry about the sick kiddos...hopefully, all is/will be well soon :)

Anonymous said...

As usual, Karly continues to channel my thoughts. So, ditto to Karly!



schlelly said...

Even though you were away from blogging for a bit you more than make up for your absence when you return! WOW! Your trip looks like it was fabulous. The hotel flat looks amazing - beautiful view and great proximity to everything. Definitely looks like my kind of place :-)

Namely I have to comment on what a handsome family you are! Thanks for sharing all the photos of sights but mostly thanks for sharing the photos of you!