Friday, July 24, 2009

Wanna go Baba!

Last Thursday was one of those devilish weather days I've moaned about in previous posts, a mix of sun and horrendous showers and gale-force winds. Of course, a clear period gave way to deluge while Markus was cycling home from work. The poor man arrived at the back door drenched and frozen, ready for a hot shower, warm dry clothes and a cup of tea. As usual, the girls lit up when they spotted him! Baby Stephanie was particularly thrilled, because we'd been home due to inclement weather, but now her go-go man was here! I swear every bit of her little body was smiling as she rushed to grab his shoes and head for the front door while chanting, "Wanna go, Baba! Wanna go OUT!" Unable to resist her charms, he knew he'd forego his tea and head out with her, but first he had to have his shower and fresh clothes. She followed him into the bathroom, his shoes in hand, and was clearly demanding an explanation for the delay in her baby Stephanie language.

It's a tough job being the go-go man, but someone has to do it.


Karly said...

Ok, that is just too cute!! Love the picture, love the story, love it all! Love you guys! :)

Anonymous said...

OH, the way Markus looks at Stephanie just melts my heart! Precious story, precious precious Papa!