Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pink-clad little person

When Ellie was born and mountains of pink clothing were gifted to us, I hated pink. I dreaded pink. Why, oh why, did there have to be that gender-stereotype of pink? I refused to buy pink for her or for myself. There would be no pink, unless someone gifted us something unavoidably adorable. Pink was NOT going to define us! Here we are, nearly four years and two girls later, and I am a pink convert. I doubt it will ever be one of my favorite colors, but I have an appreciation for it that I never expected. Yes, pink has even found its way into my own wardrobe. Thanks to small European front loading washing machines, I wash whole loads of pink laundry. I do buy some pink clothes for Ellie (at her request), and baby Stephanie wears all of Ellie's too-small pink. And this morning, a pink-clad little person is sitting next to me.

It may never be one of my favorite colors, but sometimes pink melts my heart and steals my breath away.


schlelly said...

I empathize with your lack of love for pink. I sympathize with your love of the cutie sitting next to you! With a smile like that, who cares what color she's in?! I love your blog because not only does it serve as a window into my dear friend's life but it also teaches me so much about raising children and appreciating all the precious moments we have with our family and friends! I just want to say THANK YOU!!

the dipe squad said...

Markus and I were just talking last night about the nature of this blog and how it had made me sit down to capture all the little moments that would otherwise be forgotten and not shared since they aren't particularly momentous...but they make up our lives and it's lovely to have the record. How easily we forget simple, good moments! Even photos take us back in incredible ways. We were watching the first animal farm movie I made of the girls, and Ellie looks soooo young to us, and that was less than a year ago. As many times as I've been discouraged by lack of comments and interaction, I am happy that our family will have this unique record of our lives. Thank you for being such a faithful follower and commenter! :)

schlelly said...

It sounds like a mutual admiration society to me!


Karly said...

How completely adorable!! It's easy to see how there are times when pink takes your breath away :)