Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Anniversary prezzies

As our very first anniversary approached, I was at a loss for what to give Markus. He is ridiculously tough to buy for because he is not a stuff guy, he doesn't want much, and his needs are pretty well covered. Birthdays and Christmas drive me mad scrambling for ideas, and forget suggestions when other people ask me for help! So an anniversary gift was looking really tough. I turned to tradition. In the US, tradition dictates a specific gift for each year of marriage. I don't know anyone who follows this list anymore, but it gave me a great starting point and we've stuck to the list ever since. This year was "wood". Despite teasing on both sides, saying we'd wrap up sticks from the backyard, we both came through in style!

Markus gave me two beautiful, local art (my favorite!) gifts. One is a collection of miniature treasures (the frame is wood), and the other is an aboriginal carving on a nut from the boab tree.

I gave Markus a wood kaleidoscope, and I wish I'd made a video of him opening it. First, he unwrapped the base. He looked at it very carefully, set it gently on the table, and gave me a very polite "Thanks, honey, it's really nice wood" comment. That's not the gift, it's the base, I assured him. Oh, the look of relief! Then, he opened the main gift, carefully unwrapping to reveal a tube of wood with a glass bead on top and a small metal plate with a central hole on the bottom. There was an unmistakeable "WTF?" look on his face, which he was valiantly trying to suppress. You could see the wheels turning: "Did she give me a pepper grinder? What the hell?" Then, he lifted it to his eye and became a boy again: "WOOOOOW! WHOOOOA!!! Looooooook!" and so on for many minutes, as I lost him to the simple joy of a kaleidoscope. Thanks to the miracle of technology, I can share it with you too:

Last but not least...wouldn't you know that the cubby house fits right in to this grand scheme? Delivered and assembled on our anniversary, it is only natural that it also be a gift of wood.

Note: the music on the kaleidoscope video is "El Corazon" by Arno Elias from the Buddha Bar Nature CD


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fantastic beautiful couple, gifts, playhouse, music. You do everything so perfectly, if I wasn't so darn proud of you I would be extremely jealous!

You AMAZE me!



the dipe squad said...

Thanks, Mom! I love your enthusiasm, but I really DON'T do everything so perfectly! Not even close! I feel like I am floundering about like a doofus most of the time...but I'm always trying to be better. I love you!

schlelly said...

Local art is soooo much cooler when you've lived in the place it's come from. Just think of all the stories you'll be able to share with your girls about the significance of each piece :-) We have a fair trade shop around the corner from us and while I love some of the pieces I wish I could go to the place to buy it instead of picking it up at the shop.

Heck - being an expat isn't easy but it has some amazing perks!

Eckart said...

sometimes I am not happy to see all the perfect details of you family. I hope that Ulla might not measure me on your paradise.
But I am also glad to see that you and the children are so happy.

the dipe squad said...

Oh dear! Another one with the notion of perfection! Eckart, fear not! Remember that what I share on the blog are little moments that I want to capture and share, which aren't necessarily representative of every moment. It's so funny to me to think I give off the impression of perfection, because there are a few blogs I regularly read and often resent because I get that impression from them. I feel like those people must feel so proud of themselves for being so perfect, and that's not how I feel at all! I had no idea I could give off such an aura. It's gratifying to realize I capture our blessings well, but it's also disturbing to think some people might be as put off by what I share as I can feel by certain other blogs. It also makes me appreciate that those women might feel just as flawed, though just as lucky, as I do!