Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tickle kisses

I cannot resist baby Stephanie. Her cuteness is too much for me. This little movie was captured well after her bedtime one teething night (darn those molars!). I was tired and very much wanting to relax and knit, but there was a bundle out of bed who needed kissing. She had gotten hold of my knitting tape measure, one I really like and paid too much for because it is soft but retracts into a lovely small case with a clay dot design on it. She and Ellie are both big fans of this tape measure, and I've been nervous about losing it to their whims. Alas, this movie captures the death of the tape measure. Witness as she accidently whacks it on the floor and pops it open for the third time that night, to be repaired no more. And I can't even get mad at her. She's just too darn cute.


schlelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
schlelly said...

Death of a Tapemeasure ~

I wish I'd had some time to say
how I loved you so
but I never got the chance
because it was your time to go.

Tapemeasure how I miss you
every waking day
I curse the one who made you
die and go away.

Just Kidding! I don't miss you enough to curse the one who made you die and go away --
She's just too cute!!

Karly said...

You're right, she is absolutely too cute for you to be mad!! Love the video! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was so delighted by that adorable video, and so excited to view it on my home computer, now UP AND RUNNING (though I STILL cannot use my e-mail!) because this is so precious in every way! The way you are making her so happy, the way despite your fatigue you are all about relieving her discomfort. The way you are so sweet that even your favorite tape measure cannot make you mad by it's loss at the hands of Baby Stephanie. I was prepared to tell you all of this and more and how great it was to see you and hear you on the video. AND THEN I came to this page and saw that you had to remove someone's comment. And now I am in full fury mode, because someone must have said something so inappropriate that you had to remove it. I am going to KILLL that someone. DEATH! (Just tell me who)

All my love, and you are both so cute I could eat you with a spoon!


the dipe squad said...

Whoa, Mom! CALM DOWN, WOMAN! "This post has been removed by the author", not blogger. I never saw it. Whomever it was probably included a typo or wording he/she didn't like and deleted it. Fret not! Enjoy the baby giggles and RELAX. Sheesh, lady. ;)

schlelly said...

I confess! It was meeee! I deleted my comment because I saw that you can use HTML tags in your messages. I looked up how to use HTML tags and decided to give it a try with the title of my poem :-) When I wanted to try another tag with the same poem I decided to delete the previous entry. I wish it didn't leave a big "COMMENT DELETED" note like it did. I was just playing around and feeling mighty proud I was learning how to write HTML code! Apparently the little 'a' tag is for creating a link. Luckily it doesn't link the title of my poem to anything, it just makes it look like it's a link ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear schlelly,

So sorry I almost opened up a big ole can of whoop ass on you! "I'll put it away now," she said meekly.