Friday, July 24, 2009

First puddle walk

Despite all the rain we've had, it doesn't tend to build up much due to the accompanying wind and decent drainage in our neighborhood. This has left our big puddle fan (Ellie) disappointed on many an occasion. Baby Stephanie didn't know what she had been missing, until this weekend when we opted to go for a walk in light rain, when it suddenly gave way to brilliant sunshine and fresh puddles in the road. Ellie was in with gusto, but baby Stephanie was reluctant at first, not really seeing the point. As is increasingly the case, she started mimicking Ellie, and then she really got into the action, sitting down a few times to splash with her hands in the muddy water and cutting our walk short so we could take them home and give them a warm bath.

Cute little girly raincoats and happy splashers!


Karly said...

How fun! So glad Ellie got to play in puddles again and that Stephanie got to experience them :)

Anonymous said...

Do you remember that time years and years ago, we were coming out of Fair Oaks with Grandpa for dinner? It had been raining, and he stepped in a puddle, tapped his closed umbrella to his outstretched foot and broke into song! "Singing in the rain!" I guess the girls come by happy puddle hopping naturally!