Sunday, July 12, 2009

A performance piece

I'm making up for a lack of consistent video posting with a payload! Here's yet another, shot today by Markus during cubbyhouse playtime, and I cannot wait to share it. Ellie love love loves Julie Andrews, most likely because of her gorgeous, crystal-clear, easy to understand voice. Her two favorite movies are (predicatably) "The Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins", and both soundtracks get heavy use in the car. We are always listening to one or the other when Ellie is strapped into her seat, and she has worked hard at learning the lyrics. She doesn't always understand all the words (and there is no correcting her once she's decided what they are!), but her singing is downright adorable. I have never been able to get her to sing for the camera, but Markus managed it today. This little clip made me so happy that I got teary too, and I hope you will enjoy it. Here, she's singing "The Perfect Nanny" from "Mary Poppins", which is the nanny advertisement composed by the children and sung by Jane. Ellie emulates the British accent and substitutes lyrics as needed. My favorite adaptation is when they sing about not putting toads in the nanny's bed, Ellie has changed that to "dudes in your bed". Enjoy!


schlelly said...

What a star! I'm going to have to listen to it again when I'm on my home computer so I have better ability to amplify her voice but I could tell even without that ability she sang it beautifully! I'm so happy Markus was able to capture the performance. Your little girls are growing up so quickly I can hardly believe my eyes! I think the 'Home Sweet Home' sign by Simon above the door adds to the overall ambiance of the performance piece! Thank you for sharing the two videos - I've never been so enthralled by simple daily conversation!

Anonymous said...

It's such a pity our two "big sister" girls can't play together -they'd have the best time!
And just so you know, we were discussing Sophie's birthday plans today (after being at a party here yesterday) and Sophie said " I'd like Ellie to come ... but she's too far away, isn't she?" with the saddest look on her face, so you may be gone from NL but are certainly not forgotten!
Gayle & Sophie x

Anonymous said...

Oh that is the BEST rendition of that song I have ever heard! The accent! The "dudes in your bed"! The playhouse and it's sign! I can hardly bear to look, it makes me so unbelievably happy and so unbelievably sad at the same time.

Miss you to the moon and back,