Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I just uploaded photos from our camera starting with the past weekend when Markus had the girls out of the house, and lemme tell ya, there's been a whole lotta cuteness goin' on! I have to admit that I was secretly dreading Ellie's winter holidays a bit. She had been so tantrum-y for the past few weeks that I didn't know where I'd find the stamina, but these first three days have been amazing! Thanks in no small part to the awesome cubby house, she has been happy as a clam, and her happy-go-lucky baby sister has been quick to follow the lead. Before I get carried away with the easy living (and hallelujah, it's been good these days!), I'll just move straight on to the photos. I'll do one day at a time so it doesn't get too confusing. Here's yesterday:

The day started with extended play in the backyard, which has been totally transformed by the presence of the cubby house. Ellie now has an entire play worked out involving Lolo, her stroller, and the cubby house as "home" after a series of errands all over the yard. I've got a movie of that to be posted soon, but it's a bit long and only for die-hard fans.

Then, we headed off to O2H to buy fruits and veg. Stephanie feels very comfortable there from our weekly trips, and she likes to do a bit of re-arranging (note the potato on the seat cushion).

Both girls enjoy the fabulous fresh produce and usually can't escape a visit without eating some onsite.

After that, we visited the local plant nursery to choose plants for the cubby house windowboxes. Ellie wanted everything, but she eventually settled on some blue lobelia and some white "fairy flowers" (they are fairy-crazy here in Oz!).

We also chose some strawberry plants for her to tend in a pot outside her cubbyhouse. She is very excited and checks them multiple times a day to see if any strawberries have appeared.

The afternoon was more play outside. Ball rolling back and forth, children rolling in the grass, bird watching, and definitely more cubby house. Papa came home early to relieve a still-recouping Mama and take the girls to the playground. What a fun day!

By the way...
I'm often asked the secret to my photo collages, and it's no skill of mine, believe me. Once again, the credit goes to my beautiful friend gail, who is not only blessedly responsible for the beginnings of my foodie ways but also should take credit for any decent blogging I do. She guided me to picnik, which is super-easy online photo editing like Photoshop for those of us without a clue. I highly recommend it!


Karly said...

Love the pictures!! Is the place you visit a produce stand that's open daily or a farmer's market?? I love those kinds of things! And I love the pictures of the house too! So very, very sweet. Glad that so far the winter holidays are going well!

And by the way, I still think it's odd to be talking about winter holidays in July when it's 100 degrees here!! Of course, I know it's very different there, but it just seems like the entire world would be hot, humid, and sticky right now...maybe I need to take a vacation to Australia :)

the dipe squad said...

Great question! O2H is as close as we can get to a farmers' market available during the week. The owner knows her farmers and suppliers, so it's as local as possible. Her business is based on the idea of delivery (Orchard to Home = O2H), but it's right around the corner so we go in person to pick and choose. I love that it has reintroduced seasonal produce into my life. Now it's all about gourds, pumpkin, mandarins, apples... They're also great for free range eggs and organic dairy. Hooray real food!

Karly said...

That is awesome!! Occasionally, I can get free range eggs from the weekly farmer's market here that I go to, but often, I'm not there quite early enough. I have yet to try/find a source for organic that do you mean raw milk and raw milk products?? What have you tried that is organic dairy? Just very interested to know!!

If I had a place like that around the corner, I would be there on a daily basis!!!