Thursday, July 23, 2009

News on knitting

My enthusiasm for knitting continues unabated, and I am already a hopeless collector of yarn. My addiction is rather insane, but knitting is a lovely hobby if you like working with your hands and enjoy peaceful activity too. I really need to go back to the start and learn proper technique. I am such an impatient learner that I skipped right ahead to finding my own way to hold the yarn to achieve even tension (where all the stitches look the same) as a beginner, and I didn't bother learning the hard way how to hold it properly and work up to good tension. As a result, I'm usually very proud of my completed projects, but the actual work takes ages longer than it should because my movements aren't economical. I haven't made time to learn good technique because I always want to make products rather than just process. The ability to create has left me impatient with the process of creating (a common theme for me as a learner)...and I have to work on that. Until I do, I will keep churning out (slowly) new projects that hopefully will delight their new owners as much as they delight me to make them.

Since I finished Ellie's vest, I have made several pairs of handwarmers (which I gave away before photographing, alas),
a scarf for a girlfriend's birthday:

and socks for Lolo.

I loved the scarf so much that I was tempted to keep it, but it will be given. I think about the person I'm making for as I create, so that scarf feels like it's hers even though she hasn't seen it yet. The handwarmers were fun, quick knits. I'd intended to make lots more, but I want to move on to new challenges right now. Next in my sights: a soft, gorgeous wrap from the fabulous Malabrigo yarn. Ooo, that yarn is so buttery soft!
I think I need intervention.


Karly said...

All of this knitting talk is making me want to learn how to knit!! Thanks for sharing your love of knitting and all of the beautiful things you have made!

Anonymous said...

This scarf is absolutely gorgeous and does at ALL look like it was made by a beginner! And socks for Lolo! You are amazing!


Anonymous said...

I meant to say does NOT at all look like it was made by a beginner. Proofread, Stephanie, proofread!