Thursday, February 05, 2009

She's mobile!

In the few weeks around Christmas time, baby Stephanie was giving all the signs that she would skip crawling entirely and go straight for walking. She even took a few tentative steps and had a blast motoring around the coffee table. Now, all of that has slowed again. She still likes the coffee table, but she's more interested in trying to climb on top of it than motor around it. She also still likes to walk with Papa, but she has stopped attempting it on her own. This may or may not have to do with "help" she received early on from an enthusiastic big sister who often "helped" her onto the floor. At any rate, she's taken with the floor and has decided to scoot around and out any open door at any opportunity. She's getting quite quick about it too! I set her down so I could clear the table the other day, and when I looked up from the first two plates, she was out of the dining area and into the playroom. When you watch her scoot, you'll notice she uses two hands and one foot flat on the floor while she drags the other bent leg along beneath her. Ellie did the same thing. Apparently, so did I. Is crawling style hereditary?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes she is so YOU! And just SO BEAUTIFUL!! You had a bit of a crab walk, one leg was stretched out to the side and you could move SO fast when you wanted to. Thank you for sharing, it is always so sweet to hear your voice as well as see the baby!



Anonymous said...

The more I watch it, the more I think she is telling you she is wondering where Ellie is. First, she stops by the chair, and notices it is empty. She thinks about that for a minute, as if to say, where could she be. Then she comes to you and tries to tell you, she is not there. She points outside, as if to say, she is out, not here. Then she gets so animated and tries to express all the activity that Ellie has. I am either a Baby Whisperer or a imaginarium in action. Either way, that's okay with me. ( But I'd RATHER be a Baby Whisperer!)


meghan said...

Love it! I also love we can hear a quiet mention of a 'gimpy crawl'. The first thing I thought was Gollum was so much cuter as a kiddo!

Enjoy the gimpy crawl while you can - I'm certain it will turn to running sooner than you can blink your eyes!

Ellie is lil' miss adorable with the guinea pig! I can't believe she picked up on weekend vs. weekday so quickly!

Wish I could be there to witness this moment live! Much love!