Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ballet girls

This week, Ellie resumed her ballet class after the summer holiday with great joy and enthusiasm! Baby Stephanie scooted off to join the fun...


meghan said...

I love the mini ballet outfits! How exciting for Ellie to back into a groove with other little kiddos. Stephanie looks like she wants to grow up quicker to catch-up with sis!

In the words of Maurice Chevalier -Thank Heaven for Little Girls! (My dad would always sing that line to me while I was growing up, that and wild thing. We danced to it at my wedding :-)

Christine said...

Oh how gorgeous :)
Amelia is doing ballet now and Matty tried to join in last time too! He'd just learnt to walk then and he was trying to point his toes and lift his little leg just like the girls :)