Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Knitting projects 2 & 3

It turns out knitting is the perfect new craft for me! Each project takes me ages because I'm new and because I have so little downtime (even less if you look for downtime when I'm not a zombie), but I enjoy it so much! I have now completed a scarf and a hat in addition to Ellie's poncho. The scarf was made for my wonderful friend's birthday. Inspired by yarn that reminded me so much of her, I knit like a mad thing...only to still be a bit late. Fortunately, she doesn't mind my tardiness! Before I mailed it off, I took it in to show the ladies in the yarn shop, since they have been so helpful as I plug along. The scarf came out so well that they are making one as a sample in the store! Since then, I've bought yarn to make similar scarves in two different colors, which should find their new homes next Christmas.

I also knit myself what I call my "pink rasta". It's a chunky knit beanie knit with a very pink Aspire wool/alpaca blend. That yarn is so soft and wonderful that I couldn't resist. The pattern called for one ball of chunky yarn to knit an adult and child hat, so I thought I'd knit matching hats for me and Ellie. Thus the pink. But oh...the PINK. It is just very seriously pink. I'm adjusting. The fact is I love this hat! It is so soft and forgiving that I can actually stuff all my hair inside and it still fits just as well, thus the name "pink rasta". Ellie's is almost done. I have to try to pin her down to test the size before I cut and seam it, because I made her hat a bit smaller than the pattern. I'm so crazy about this pattern (so easy!!) that I've already got plans to make three more before I move on to a different project.

Knitting is so enjoyable. I love that I can still sit and unwind with Markus in the evenings and yet create something beautiful with my hands at the same time. For a long time now, I have been tempted to buy a sewing machine and start sewing, but I realize that sewing would take me into a separate space, whereas knitting I can do while we sit together in the living room at night. I think knitting will be my new craft of choice for a while. Cooking still hangs in there too. Looking forward to creating baby Stephanie's first birthday cake this week!


meghan said...

You look adorable in your beanie! What a fantastic hat! I like the pink, it brings out your rosy cheeks and lips!

You've already read about my excitement over the green and gold scarf so I won't go on and on and on and on and on about it again :-)

You make knitting sound more and more tempting!

Karly said...

I LOVE both the hat and the scarf!! Thanks so much for posting the pictures of your handiwork :) Sounds like you've found a wonderful new hobby!