Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another first

Baby Stephanie had her own first today: insisting on feeding herself with utensils. It's been coming on gradually, but tonight she was having none of being fed by a third party. Forget it! She had to do it herself! Thank goodness cottage cheese sticks to utensils pretty well, although there was a rather amusing moment when she flung a wad of it onto her eyelid and sat motionless, trying to figure out what had happened.
Mealtimes are about to get a lot messier.


Karly said...

Yay for Stephanie!! And I love the picture :)

Meghan said...

I got cottage cheese in my the other day and was also very confused. Hopefully she'll grow out of that better sooner than I have! :-)

gail said...

I have been out of the loop and just got caught up on your blog, and I'm exhausted - it's been so busy in your part of the world! Congratulations to you and your girls on their many recent milestones!

the dipe squad said...

Thanks, ladies!
Karly, you should have seen how forceful she was with that spoon. Too funny!
Meghan, I don't want to know where you got your cottage cheese. I am too afraid to ask.
gail, we've missed you! Still eagerly awaiting my reading list!