Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creative caking

For Stephanie's first birthday cake, I decided to make a koala face, since she has always been our little koala. I made a cake in two circular pans, planning to use one for the face and cut the other for the ears. Once done, the ears were a bit too big, but I didn't want too many crumbly sides for frosting, so I decided to shrug it off. Not willing to make grey icing, it was a choice between a blue or pink koala. Stereotyping won, and we opted for pink. I use gel coloring, and the pink was a lovely pale pink until POW the beaters hit a wad of gel and the pale pink turned hot pink in an instant. We now have a hot pink mutant koala head for a birthday cake. Not quite according to plan, but no big deal, right? It will be photographed, smashed, smeared and eaten regardless. I think the fact that I'm not stressing out about serious lack of perfection is a sign of growth.
I also just want to eat the cake.


Meghan said...

Woohoo! I'm so impressed your perfectionist tendencies are letting go - that gives me hope I might do the same one day! I know I'm a day late because it's Friday for me but I hope the birthday and one-on-one time with Stephanie went well! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!!! I'm doing my continuous glucose checks this week so I'm trying to be a good diabetic but but pink koala cake sounds so good... mmmmmm.

Karly said...

I am so proud of you for not stressing out about it!! I bet the cake is adorable, and I would love to see pics of it (and of course the cake smearing fun too!!)