Friday, February 27, 2009

Bundle's first birthday!

Baby Stephanie celebrated her first birthday today! It is amazing to us that one year ago we were experiencing the profound beauty of her home birth. We are so thankful that we embraced that new experience; it is one of our most treasured memories as a couple, working together to help baby Stephanie into the world. Today, even more amazing is the idea that it was only a year ago! It seems she has been with us so much longer! Happy Birthday, you happy wonderful beautiful little girl! We love you so much!

As you can see, the mutant hot pink koala-head cake was received as expected. She gleefully tasted, smashed and smeared it around! She is currently obsessed with using utensils to eat, which made the birthday cake a whole new challenge. Apparently, she found it worked best when her foot blocked it from the table edge. Actually, her little foot frequently makes its way to the tabletop; we've learned that it's a sign she's enjoying her mealtime.

We were happy to celebrate her birthday with our new friends. Thanks to my gorgeous redhead girlfriend for taking the birthday video! It's so nice to have pictures and video clips of us all together as a family! We also find it fun that we have her Aussie well wishes recorded at the end of the birthday song, just in case we ever need proof for our girls of the many continents they've inhabited.

And yes, baby Stephanie is STILL "baby Stephanie". It is her name, and it's here to stay. She'll probably still be "baby Stephanie" at her 20th birthday. We hope she won't mind.


Meghan said...

My left foot? That girl has a very rare talent!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEPHANIE!! The video is adorable. It's so great you captured such a wonderful celebration on video! She'll have to treasure having her birthday in the warmth - My February birthday has always been tough because no one wants to brave the cold to go out and celebrate. Either that or there's another message in there somewhere...

Christine said...

Happy birthday Stephanie
Lots of love Amelia and Matty xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Stephanie!

It is hard to believe that it has been a whole year. You are on your way to becoming a big girl (like ME!!).

Hugs from Carolina