Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fire victims in Victoria

With the news content being so heavily focused on homes and stories, it's easy to forget that people aren't the only victims of devastating fires. The brother of one of Markus's colleagues is a volunteer firefighter in Victoria, and he shared this photo today:

For those of you looking to make a monetary donation to help, you might want to consider Wildlife Victoria or the RSPCA. I believe the latter site is currently down due to overload, but it should be up and running again before long. The need for help will continue for months as they try to rehabilitate many injured animals, so it's worth checking back.

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meghan said...

Fantastic effort with the wildfires Jennifer! Sometimes it takes direct experience with tragedies due to natural (or maybe not completely natural)disasters to actually understand the impact of them. Your effort should be commended and hats off to anyone who can assist in providing aid! I have all the creatures, human or not, who have been affected by the fires in my prayers!