Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cuddly Animal Farm (again)

Ellie requests a return trip to the "bunny farm" every week, but it's been too hot and the drive has been too long for me to acquiesce. On Saturday, Markus had to go in to work for a few hours, and Ellie immediately asked if we could go to the bunny farm. I told her it was too busy on a weekend. With so many families visiting, the baby animals will be full and Ellie won't get to see them much. I told her we might go during the week instead. She asked what day it was, and I told her Saturday. She asked when is a weekday and I told her.
Wouldn't you know that Monday morning Ellie asked what day it was and when I replied it was Monday, her face lit up like a light and screamed, "We can go to the BUNNY FARM!" Monday happened to be another record-hot day, but there was no way she would understand or accept that. I got out of that by telling her it was closed. Yesterday, we were so busy she just forgot. This morning, I knew I shouldn't make her wait anymore, so I offered the trip before she remembered to ask. She was so excited!

There were no chicks or baby rabbits today, but there were baby guinea pigs and little goat kids. Ellie was in raptures! The funny part is so was baby Stephanie! She was sooooo happy and excited, flapping her arms and laughing and reaching for the baby animals. She wanted to be held, which made it hard to capture her joy on camera. I did manage one shot of a kid nuzzling her toes. When nuzzles first turned to nibbles, she giggled and enjoyed it, but she soon put that goat in its place with a few kung-fu kicks of her baby legs. (disclaimer for the animal rights people: she did NOT kick the kid, but the flailing legs were enough to make it give her space)


Anonymous said...

You are right, that is pure JOY and RAPTURE on Little Miss Ellie! Precious! Thanks for sharing such a dear picture with us!


gail said...

That pic of Ellie is priceless!