Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The bright side of the moon

I am now the proud owner of a completely unnecessary and utterly fabulous iPhone 3G! Oooooo, the joys of Mac in the palm of my hand! As I said to our friend who is a recent PC-to-Mac convert, welcome to the bright side of the moon!


Sven said...

Hi Jennifer,

i own "only" an old iPhone, but welcome in the club :-)


Quinn said...

as an enginerd I will never convert from PC's to Macs, and you can't make me. :-)

Have a great weekend! We are headed to the beach for some storm watching. I will send you some pics if I get any good ones.

azure said...

I can't imagine having all of those functions in one phone. Which why I have an "old" iTouch instead of an iPhone. Enjoy it though. I'm sure you'll love it.

P.s. Quinn, do you even own a cell phone? Enignerd.. That's funny.

the dipe squad said...

Hi Sven! How grows the belly in your home?

Quinn, you have got to come over to the bright side. It's a beautiful place! Markus is an engineer too, but he would definitely convert if he wouldn't have to relearn all the keyboard shortcuts. He prefers the Mac version of Office to the PC version. Looking forward to your pictures!

Azure, I drooled over the iPhone but believed all that extra functionality was/is unnecessary. I guess that's still true, but it's darn fun to use!

Quinn said...

cell phone? Ah, not yet, but I heard they are convenient, so I might get one eventually. :-)