Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekly Video Post

This week, we actually have two videos to share, and both are from today!
First up, baby Stephanie has sprouted two teeth in the past few weeks, and she now chews everything! It's like we have a puppy in the house, only less destructive. Stephanie has always been a keen eater, and now she has no interest in pureed baby food. It's chewable or bust, so in the past few days we've started giving her some basic finger foods to keep her busy while we prepare other things. She loves experimenting with the pincer grasp, and we doubt its complexities will elude her for long. Meanwhile, it's darn cute to watch her. If you are so inclined, enjoy today's experiment with Cheerios and be on the lookout for those two teeth I mentioned!

The other video wasn't taken much later. While Stephanie munched her Cheerios (or tried), Markus and Ellie were on the porch hanging the baby swing. We had to give it a whirl straight away, and Ellie insisted on pushing her sister by herself. What you can't see is that Ellie is initially watching her own reflection in the glass door. The video you see here is take 3, after she'd already been knocked back a couple of times by the swing as she watched herself instead of the moving object (this is to explain why you hear me reminding her to watch her sister). The sisterly love you see here is a small example of what we are blessed to witness every day. Stephanie is absolutely crazy about her big sister, and usually the feeling is mutual (as long as no one expects Ellie to share Papa).


Anonymous said...

Precious, precious precious! And whatever Karly posts, I agree and second the emotion!



Karly said...

I am right there with you Mimi, they are absolutely precious!!! I had forgotten how sweet it is to watch a baby figuring out finger foods. I was rooting Stephanie on, and those Cheerios stuck to her sweater were like two, cute little buttons :) And I loved the video of Ellie and Stephanie together. How wonderful to see the love between your two girls. What a beautiful family!!

Anonymous said...

That's my girl Karly, you rock, just keep channeling me, you are my split apart! Twins separated at birth (not to mention decades!)


the dipe squad said...

I want to buy one of you a plane ticket and send you out for girly lunch/coffee/pedicure time together. If you must share a brain, you really ought to meet. ;)