Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We're professionals

The moving in continues, though we are mighty impressed with how far we've come already. The girls could not have been more amazing and cooperative on Monday while the house was in total upheaval. Markus took Monday and Tuesday to attack Box Mountain, and we've made more headway than we could have believed in just two days! Of course, there's a lot left. I recently met another new transplant here with two kids close in age to ours. She was talking about when their container is due to arrive and was commenting on how much unnecessary stuff she knows is in it. Then she looked sheepish and said, "I'm embarrassed to tell you this, but we have 107 boxes. 107! Isn't that crazy?" Honey, if that's embarrassing, you don't what to know how many we have. We have more than 40 boxes of books alone. If you really want to keep your movers busy, 107 boxes total is for amateurs.

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CnSBlahs said...

Hi there, just dropping by to check how things are going with you :) Thank you for your encouragement regarding my progress. I'm glad that everything is settling down for you. Have fun and enjoy summer!