Friday, October 10, 2008

Ellie says

It's been a while since we've shared an "Ellie says" moment because lately she is a CHATTERBOX and hardly inhales between sentences, much less allows for simple quotes (hard to quote her accurately when one sentence is 5 minutes long). Today, she remedied this for me. We met Markus for lunch downtown for the first lunch date we've managed in a long time. Ellie is an extremely picky eater, but I thought we'd scored big when the take-away place had sparkling apple juice, the perfect combo of her two favorite liquids (apple juice and sparkling water; for some reason, she won't drink still water anymore). I happily handed her the bottle and waited for the enthusiasm that was sure to follow her first sip. Instead, she sipped it and slowly handed the bottle back to me with a pitying look in her eyes. In a tone that clearly addressed her concern that I had finally gone off the deep end, she said, "Um, Mama...I think this is beer."


Karly said...

That is TOOOO funny! Thank you for starting off my morning with a smile :)

the dipe squad said...

Hey, I am here for you, woman!

Anonymous said...

This is great -- everybody in my (open) office is looking over my shoulder to see what is so funny.


the dipe squad said...

Dawn, you just wait until Carolina starts talking! Apart from the times when she's screaming "NOOOOOOO!", it gets pretty darn hilarious! :)