Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update on the big move-in

We were so happy when the movers arrived with our things on Monday!

Oh wait, that's not our truck. That's the rental furniture being picked up. THIS is our truck:

Oh dear. But wait...



Ahhh...that's better. Retreat into the sunshine. Enjoy the early days of summer.
No wait...intense Australian sunshine cooking the marrow in my bones! Retreat back inside and tackle Box Mountain!
Fear not, you smarter-than-us, simple-living-advocates: Operation Declutter has already commenced! We knew we had too much crap-o-la, but we've had other priorities in recent years. It's easy to let things pile up and stay piled up despite moving around too much because someone else moves us. Once things are unpacked and put away, they are forgotten. Not this time! No sirree! We are sifting as we go.

Regardless of the unhealthy volume, we are happy to have our own things again. Ellie is especially thrilled! She has been working diligently to get us back into full form.

Someone has got to keep things running smoothly.

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Karly said...

Aack!! So sorry that you have so many boxes to unpack/sort through...I'm mentally helping you from Mississippi :p