Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Loving reassurance

Today has not been my day in the spider department. You already know about the big black spider trauma, but it gets worse. As I went to check on Stephanie before going to bed, I spotted a spider on the hallway ceiling to put my earlier "HUGE" spider assessment to shame. This one was as wide as my hand (wrist to fingertips). Strangely enough, I instinctively knew it was harmless but you know enough about me by now to know it could not stay. I woke up Markus and made him take it outside. I have a PHOBIA. I know spiders are our friends, but this encounter left my heart racing and breathing shallow. That spider was NOT SMALL. Afterwards, I crawled into bed and tried to calm down. My spider savior turned to me, observed my state of distress, and lovingly reassured me with, "Even if it gets back in, comes down the hall, crawls up the bed and onto our faces, we won't notice in our sleep." With that, he rolled over and passed out.
You have got to be kidding me!
I am calling an exterminator first thing tomorrow morning.


Karly said...

Wow...I would not do well with such large spiders either (sorry, I know I'm not helping the arachnophobia, but I have it to some degree too). Here's hoping the exterminator gets there quickly tomorrow and that there are no more huge spiders. Sending lots of "go away spider" vibes your way... :)

Karly said...

Ok, this is totally out of place on this particular post, but I just noticed there's no link to your food blog on the sidebar anymore? Is it going away or are you just re-organizing?? Just curious!! I always check that one after I check this one... :)

the dipe squad said...

Hi Karly, I made the food blog go away since you are the only one who checks it and I rarely update (maybe those things are related?). I do have an AWESOME quinoa (or couscous) recipe to share, but maybe I'll just email you when I try new good ones. :)

As for the spider, the exterminator told me it was a Huntsman and confirmed that they are harmless to humans. Actually, they tend to be skittish, which matches what we saw. That was actually the worst part. When we scared it, it moved at lightning speed...not something I enjoyed when I didn't know where it was headed.

Karly said...

Oh, sad about the food blog, but as long as you promise to share recipes via e-mail, I'll live! :p

And yes, harmless spider or not, one that moves at lightning speed is one that is not a friend in my book either...perhaps all of the spiders will soon realize they're not welcome and will stay away. :)