Thursday, June 19, 2008

Selling our car, Part 3

Scam or not, I do enjoy these emails. This is the response to Markus's request that the "agent" come inspect the car:

ok no problem.
You can send your contact,
I usually proceed in this way for my transactions.
For me it is more secure, I do not fall in any doubt of anarque with an other process.
. Because I'm association in the exercise
This ancillary activity import of second-hand cars and it has always been the method of my staff.
So we can save time and have a full security funds committed.
there is a cargo loads at the end of this month on port Marseilles.
My staff will contact you if we fall agreed to pick up the car. What is important at this time is that you have money in order to block the car for us.
M. Vandoorne


Karly said...

This has been quite amusing...thanks for sharing! Sorry it's been such a hassle to get the car sold, I hope it works out soon for you.

Gail said...

I believe that Mr. Vandoorne has contacted me on numerous occasions regarding the millions of dollars he would like to secure for me from banks in Kenya and Nigeria. How kind of him.

the dipe squad said...

Isn't he thoughtful? ;)

We have had a few nibbles this week, so hopefully we'll have a buyer soon. I guess it doesn't matter much at the moment (beyond peace of mind), because we don't have a move date yet anyway. We just felt a bit panicky when we realized the dealer wouldn't buy it. We thought that would be a last resort, but having that taken away made it seem more urgent, despite having several weeks to go.

Michiel and Aafke said...


The text of the emails a recognizable as scams. Also check out
(scambaiter site)

michiel said...

ps don't press publish before finishing the edits, oops

the dipe squad said...

Thanks for the tip, Michiel!
How are you all doing? In mourning after last night's game? It's pretty somber around here.