Thursday, June 05, 2008

Blog as Journal

People often marvel at my blog maintenance (okay, maybe not lately, but it has happened), wondering where and how I find the time. The truth is I need the blog as much as they do. It keeps me grounded in the little moments that make life special and it captures our lives (at least the parts we're willing to share with the public) almost as a journal would. I can look back and remember what we were up to and I enjoy reading what you had to say too. Little moments and memories can be fleeting, and if I don't write it down, I don't remember it long. Taking pictures is a requirement for a visual person like myself, and they have the same effect. Take today, for example. I took a photo with my cell phone camera, and when I came to the computer to upload it, I realized that I had many other (forgotten) little moments in there too, including...

The day Ellie discovered she could easily reach the lowest bar on the playground and wanted to check her height against the others (March 31)

The day Ellie realized she could push her sister in the stroller (April 9)

The time I came down from tucking Ellie into her nap and found baby Stephanie napping with a companion in her car seat (April 11)

The first time I "went Dutch" and cycled with Ellie in the kid seat and baby Stephanie in the baby carrier under my jacket (April 13)

The much-anticipated-and-discussed ride on a "carousel" on Queen's Day, only accompanied by Papa of course (April 30)

The day that Ellie inexplicably HAD to wear her princess dress out and about, puddles notwithstanding (May 16)

The wait for Tante Ulla at the train station, made so much nicer when Papa bought a balloon at the florist stand (May 24)

The reward of ice cream for excellent behavior during a visit to the Escher Museum (May 25)

For the moment, I'll just enjoy this trip down Memory Lane and hope you will too.
We'll get to today later.

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Anonymous said...

That was absolutely precious! Thank you so much!