Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bye-bye, kitty friends

This morning, our two kitty friends met and moved with their new family. When we learned we would be headed to Perth, we started researching bringing our cats with us, and the obstacles started to mount. The biggest one is quarantine. There is a minimum 30 day requirement. Although we think they meet all the criteria for the minimum stay (it can be up to 150+ days!), we aren't sure how well these attached pets would do in separation, not only from us but also from each other. Even worse is there is limited availability at quarantine facilities, and we don't have enough time before the move to guarantee a space for them. We decided if we could find a good home for them, it might be better to leave them here. Fortunately, a very cat-loving family with three kids responded to our ad immediately and seem to be thrilled to get two cats together. They came to meet the kitties today and they took them home. The house feels more empty without their little kitty bells ringing as they dash around or their meows as they wrap around our feet. We are sad to give them up, but we are happy too because we believe this is best for them. Bye-bye, kitty friends! You were great pets and we will miss you!

Smokey is the obvious grey; Bandit is the lightest of the striped orange kittens

watching Baby Einstein

In other news, Ellie has yet another cold. This seems to be the worst one yet. Markus put her back down for a nap when she had a fever at 2pm. This is a new development. Most of her colds are marked by copious snot and coughing, but fevers have been blessedly rare. She looks miserable and of course she doesn't want to sleep (or can't). I guess you could say we're still in our rough patch around here, but we're hanging on.


Karly said...

Oh, big huge hugs to you guys. We know from experience how difficult it can be to give away your cats, even if it's the best thing for them and you. We are so glad that you found a good, loving home for them. Also sorry to hear about Ellie's cold...hopefully this rough patch will soon pass.

Much love from us all.

the dipe squad said...

Thanks, Karly! And thanks also for keeping up with me in the email department! I will respond! I swear! My wee brain is just a wee bit fried at present... :)

azure said...

Oh Jennifer, I'm sad that ya'll had to make the tough decision to leave the cats behind. But at least they've found another good home, and they won't permanently be mad at you for sticking them in quarantine for 2 months. Well I hope the new family enjoys them as much you did. But hey maybe you can get a baby kangaroo in Australia? I'm just saying.....