Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mac upgrade

With all the running around and trying to catch up, I haven't really had much of a chance to experiment with the new features on my Mac upgrade to Leopard. So far, this is the most fun I've had with it...which isn't bad! If you know me, you know how terribly easy I am to amuse.


Meghan said...

It's such a relief to take a break from work and read your blog! I'm laughing out loud and cube land thinks I'm crazy. You are always gorgeous but something about those pictures you took make you look even more amazing than usual! I love the swept bangs (is that part of the new haircut?)and lighting - of course the cute expressions and beautiful smile also help! You should have manic weeks more often - you handle pressure with style and grace!

ps. Any word on the move yet? Before you know it it'll be October 19th and you'll still be in the Hague!

the dipe squad said...

I wish I wish I wish! If we have to have more delays, let them count for something fabulous!

And speaking of fabulous, thanks for the compliments, chica! (I'll write you a check later) I did indeed get a haircut, which is evident by my hair actually being styled. This happens less than 6 times a year, so it's worth documentation. ;)