Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More visitors and another Stephanie first

Actually, just one more visitor: our good friend, Tony. In addition to being an all-around great guy, Tony is also the father of our adorable, darling goddaughter Carolina, which gives him rights to extra dessert at our house. Ellie is happy to have another playmate.

Tony seems pretty excited too.

And look who took it into her head to sit up on her own this weekend. She was sitting in my lap with her back against my belly when I realized her little back wasn't actually against my belly at all. I reclined, and there she sat without a wobble in sight. What a strong girl! It's too bad she doesn't trust the camera. She is such a smiley girl, but she's just not sure what to make of the camera and won't smile at it until she's sure.

Our resident myna bird Ellie has picked up on all the "strong baby" comments and now applies them to Lolo. At random times you can hear her ooo-ing and awe-ing in a high-pitched voice, "Look at her standing! What a strong girl! What a clever, clever girl! Strong baby girl, Lolo!" And sure enough, Lolo is standing up in her lap, supported under her arms just like baby Stephanie is in mine.

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