Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Selling our car, Part 2

The potential buyer has written again. Do you think this is for real? Makes for interesting email anyway.

Good reception, Its well but
I need some pictures of the inside car. And i want to take it pleaz at 36000.
If you agree,we will begin transfer, upon receipt of
your bank details, I will go to my order a bank deposit in your account.
Once everything is done, my bank will contact you by fax, mail ... to confirm that the bank has
been well and truly done and you follow the procedure with my
bank so that everything goes well. Once you receive
money in your account within 48 hours or so,
my forwarder will contact you to retrieve the car accompanied by my agent.
I think you have explained the éssentiel the teransaction.
So I hope we agree on prices, I expect yet.
I count on your frank and honest cooperation
Best regards
Mr Vandoorne


Markus requested the agent/forwarder make an appointment to come see the car, but this was not accepted. They just want our bank details. SCAM. Just goes to show you always need to watch your wallet (and bank details), especially online.

Meanwhile, further research into the move has assured us that bringing the car with us is not an option. We are a bit stuck (even the Volvo dealer said no because it's a base model). Do you want our car? We really need a decent buyer.


Sven said...

Hi Jennifer,

what is your expected price? Just drop me an email with the price please. sven.limbach(at) Vicky is looking for a XC90 ;-)


the dipe squad said...

Got that email on its way to you, Sven! Nice to see you on the blog! Hope you and Vicky are well! :)

Anonymous said...

I will buy the car on the condition you all come with it. I PROMISE no refunds! Of course, once you are here my diabolical plan is to keep you here. Hmph! I spit on Australia.

Who else? Mimi. (So busted!)

the dipe squad said...

You do need a car as of August...