Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ellie says

Lately, Ellie has been mixing in a lot of German with her English. I think this is a good sign. Although Markus speaks to her primarily in German, until now she has preferred to stick to English, only using German from time to time or for certain words. I think she's mixing in more German now to experiment with expanding her vocabulary. She often likes to use both English and German, and she'll tell us "Mama says" this and "Papa says" that. Her mixing comes out in sentences like "I'm neeming [taking] this marker." Today's mix was this week's favorite. We were at the zoo and Ellie spotted an ice cream stand. Ellie loves ice cream, though she only is treated to some occasionally. Often the (honest) reason Markus gives her for the "no" at the playground or elsewhere is he didn't bring any money. At the zoo today, her excitement shot through the roof, and she made a beeline for the diaper bag (and my wallet within), shouting happily:
"I have geld! I have geld! I have geld!"

**Runner-up quote**

Markus went into the bathroom and his little shadow followed him. I heard him tell her, "Papa needs some privacy." Without missing a beat, she enthusiastically responded:
"Yes, Ellie needs privacy too! With Papa!"

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