Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Two sleeping angels

Ellie has had another bad cough for several days now (started over the weekend). Unlike most colds, this one has left her a remarkably happy camper. There has been a conspicuous lack of fussing, whining and complaining...basically, all of the behaviors we all feel like exhibiting when we don't feel good. Yet there is that awful cough when she lays down. It has been really bad at night and noticeable in the mornings, though during the day she's been quite okay so we carried on as usual. Yesterday when I picked her up from school, she sagged sleepily against my leg, so although she was smiling, I felt her little forehead for a fever and bingo! This morning, she wandered into the kitchen sleepily but again with a smile, happy to entertain herself peacefully with coloring and books. As the morning went on, I realized I had no interest in packing her lunch or asking her to get dressed. When she asked an hour later if she had to go to school today, the most obvious answer was no. The weather has turned grey, windy and cold again, and it seemed a perfect day to snuggle in at home. We had a really pleasant morning. The girls were so sweet to me and to each other, and the time just flew as we took care of a few errands before lunch. When we returned home, baby Stephanie went down for a nap and Ellie asked for movie time. I peeked in on her close to the end of her movie and found this

which prompted me to capture a picture of this

Did you notice the missing sock and bootie? I always lament the lack of time to get things done, and now that they are both sleeping, I just want to be still and soak up the peace so as not to wake them. My two sleeping angels. I am so blessed.


schlelly said...

What a fantastic Mama! Ellie really looks like she benefited from a perceptive Mama. There is a silver lining; her immune system will be incredibly strong after enduring all these colds!

Adorable little girls - blessed, blessed, blessed!

Christine said...

Aw they're so lovely :)
its good to take a little time to appreciate just how lucky we are - I love watching mine sleep :)

Karly said...

How very sweet! :)