Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sunday Chutney

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We have two expat girls in our home. That means they live in countries that are not the home countries of their parents, and in their case, their parents have two different home countries (or three, since Markus really has two of his own). I grew up living in different places all the time, but at least the country was always the same. Ellie has already lived in four countries, and she hasn't quite made it to her 4th birthday. Stephanie has lived in two. When we heard Sunday Chutney performed during the Babies Proms in Sydney, we knew it was a must for our collection. I had to special order mine since they don't keep books on shelves for more than a few months here, and it just came in today. This book is Mama's for now, but it will be shared and loved by all when the girls are older. If you have an expat girl in your house or know one who might like to feel a little more understood, she must have a copy of Sunday Chutney. Today.

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schlelly said...

Global nomads unite! Nothing feels better than reading a good book that shows other folks relate to your experiences. A good book is in many ways like a good friend. I'm certain Ellie and Steph will appreciate it and remember it all their lives. Thanks for sharing your recommendation :-)