Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Today, our big girl turned 4!
I have been asking her for weeks what she'd like to do for her birthday, and her answer has consistently focused on cake and balloons. She wants cake and balloons, and maybe a few friends to share it with. She didn't want a party. She didn't want games. She didn't want any particular presents. She wants cake and balloons. We love her less-is-more thinking.

Of course, as the day drew nearer, I started to wonder if more would be more. Was I planning enough? Should I have invited more friends? It turns out my worrying was moot. Markus had arranged for the day off today, but he would have been home sick regardless; this morning, his weekend cold was even worse, and now I've got it too. Any party we might have had would have been cancelled. It was a bummer. I still did the cake and lots of balloons while Ellie was at school, and...WE HAVE ONE HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL HERE!

I need to trust her choices. Less really is more. Of course, less can actually be more if you gather all the balloons Mama carefully tied in various spots and relocate them all to your chair.

Ellie had so much fun decorating Lolo's cake (Lolo always shares Ellie's birthday). The only regret she's expressed is wishing she could share cake with some friends, so we're going to have a cake-sharing party on Friday with a few playmates. I wish we could invite everyone she likes, but that would be way too many kiddies hyped up on sugar for this mama to handle. We can always do it in waves if need be. I like cake anytime.

The circumstances surrounding Ellie's birth were so epic. Her birthday has made us look back and marvel at all that has passed in these four years of her life. She has been through so much, and she's unlikely to remember much of it. In many ways, that's a good thing. There's just been too much! But we are also thankful for all the good we've experienced in these past four years, a lot of it due to the blessing of her. We love you, Ellie! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ellie and "Get well soon" to Markus!! And while you party on Friday, know that Ellie will be missed here by our wee birthday girl who will also be sharing cake with some pals and who knows that "Eliie can't come, can she Mummy? She's too far away" ....
Gayle x

Aussie Mum said...

Happy Birthday Ellie - Cake and balloons sounds just perfect.

Karly said...

I cannot believe that you are 4 already Ellie! I hope it was a happy, happy day (sounds like it was)! You and Sam have identical taste, because cake and balloons would have been all he wanted too :)

Sending love and hugs to all :)

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Ellie :)
glad to see you enjoyed your cake and balloons - hope everyone's colds are better soon xxx

schlelly said...

Happy Belated Birthday to dearest Ellie!! Eric and I send our love and are thrilled her birthday was so wonderful. She's a creative one - just like mama!